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Dosimetrists, also commonly referred to as treatment planners, are specially trained in radiation oncology treatment planning procedures. After the Radiation Oncologist provides the Dosimetrist with guidelines, the Dosimetrist will customize and optimize radiation treatments for each patient.

The goal of a Dosimetrist is to design treatments through the use of computers, CT scans, and other diagnostic studies that effectively target cancer regions while protecting normal tissues. The treatment plans are overseen and approved by a senior Medical Physicist and your Radiation Oncologist to ensure that you are getting the best possible care. 

Many Dosimetrists begin their careers as Radiation Therapists, graduating from a two-year educational program or with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree. Then, with very intensive training, they can continue on to become Dosimetrists. Others are graduates of one- to two-year dosimetry programs.  Board certification is earned through the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board. 


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