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Medical Physicists

Medical Physicists are specialists with extensive training in physics and clinical, medical, and radiobiological sciences. This training allows them to bring a unique perspective to the team. Their main responsibility is to ensure the overall safety and accuracy of radiation therapy treatment delivery. They maintain quality assurance by obtaining precise measurements of the radiation beam. Plus, they perform machine and other safety checks on a routine basis, as well as weekly patient chart reviews.   

The Medical Physicist works directly with the Radiation Oncologist during treatment planning and delivery, oversees the Dosimetrist with complex treatment planning, and may assist the Radiation Therapists with additional measurements regarding your treatment.

Qualified Medical Physicists have completed four years of college, two to four years of graduate school for their Master’s degree or Doctorate, and typically one to two years of clinical physics training. Board certification is earned through the American Board of Radiology or the American Board of Medical Physics.


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