TomoTherapy® Hi-ART

Ocean Radiation Oncology is New York City's first and Brooklyn's only TomoTherapy cancer center offering treatment with the cutting-edge technology of the TomoTherapy Hi-ART system. 

TomoTherapy Hi-ART is one of the latest, most advanced external beam radiation therapy machines. By combining the advanced form of precise radiation beam shaping called Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), the accuracy of CT scanning technology, and advanced tools for planning and delivery of radiation therapy all in one machine, TomoTherapy Hi-ART allows your Radiation Oncologist to:
• Deliver exceedingly precise, accurate doses of radiation therapy from 360 degrees around the patient
• Reduce radiation exposure to healthy normal tissue to decrease the potential risk of treatment side effects
• Target tumors using built-in CT scanning to confirm prior to each radiation treatment that the tumor is accurately treated with millimeter-level precision
• Sculpt radiation beams to precisely target all tumor types, including conventionally hard-to-treat tumors and even tumors that have been previously radiated

TomoTherapy® Machine
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