Treatment Services

At Ocean ROS, our practice is dedicated to helping cancer patients through Radiation Oncology. This is the medical specialty in which high-energy X-rays are used to target cancer cells so they are unable to grow, multiply, and spread.

Radiation oncology relies on the collaboration of many highly skilled specialists which includes a team of physicians, dosimetrists, physicists, and radiation therapists. The team works together to design, implement, and deliver optimum treatment customized for each patient.

Our top-notch treatment team works with state-of-the-art technology to bring cancer patients the most effective radiation therapy available anywhere. Our spectrum of treatments includes radiation generated by a machine outside the patient’s body (external beam radiation therapy) as well as radiation sources placed inside the patient (brachytherapy). And now, we’re proud to be the first and only cancer treatment facility in New York City to offer TomoTherapy, the new gold standard in radiation treatment.

Cancer Guide